Closing out 2010, Starting Up 2011

Hope everyone had a great Christmas, mine was nice, peaceful and filled with joy.  Right now I’m taking a little vacation; however, I wanted to post content at the same time.  So what I’ve decided on doing is reposting some of the more popular content that I’ve shared in 2010.  My hope is to restart some conversations and thoughts.  But with that said, I hope many of you take the time to reflect, pray and refresh yourselves so that 2010 closes out on a high note and 2011 kicks off full speed.
Lastly, one of my goals for 2011 is to talk more about what you all want to hear.  My blog has been mostly about my life, my views, my perspective, but I want to take on the challenges of addressing what’s on your mind and heart.  I want to share this journey with you, I don’t want to run alone, so in 2011 I invite you to run with me on this marathon of youth ministry (like how I fit the title in there?).
So in 2011 what would you like to discuss when it comes to:
Youth Ministry
Ministry Health
Systems and Structures

Please share your thoughts and Happy New Year.