How To Get More: Knowing the right questions to ask

I didn’t know how to start off this post without being cliche so I’m going to do just do it. The New Year is a time where we set goals that we hope to achieve.  And one of the goals that we might find ourselves looking to achieve is to get more of something.  We set a goal for more volunteers, more money in our budgets, more time on our schedules, because we think with more time, money and people we would be better off. 
If you’ve felt that way that’s normal, but you’ve probably found yourself frustrated.  Even though you set goals to get more (fill in your need) you just don’t seem to get it.  Or even if your goals are met you might waste the opportunity because you have:
The Wrong Perspective.  Do you really know what you need?  Is the answer more?  To find out you need to ask the right questions, such as:

  1. Am I Being Wise With What I Already Have?  Sometimes we feel as if we need more people, when really we are just underutilizing the ones we have.  Sometimes we feel like we need more money when in reality we’re being irresponsible with what we’ve been given.  Before asking for more look at whether or not you are being wise with what you have.
  2. Do I Need More Or Do I Need Less? It’s easy to feel like we need more time, when in reality we have to much on our plate to start with.  We all should have 3-5 major tasks in our job description, everything else should be delegated to our ministers or other staff members.  If you are feeling like you can’t shake something off your plate talk to your pastor or an experienced youth worker on how to trim down the work load.
  3. Is It A More Problem Or A Systems Problem?  For some reason (and I know I believe the myth from time to time) we convince ourselves if I had more ministers, video games, prizes, etc. that more students would come to my programs.  When we say that most of the time we are denying the fact that there’s a systems problem.  Maybe the reason students aren’t coming is because no one invites them, or it’s not clear when and where you meet or your program seems thrown together?  If our systems are broken people aren’t going to invest in your ministry, because no one wants to invest in something that will produce fruit.
  4. What Would I Do If I Got More?  Sometimes the problem is that we aren’t specific enough.  We say that we would want more people, money or time but we wouldn’t necessarily know what to do with more.  We need to look at our needs, look at the holes and say exactly what we would do with 7 new ministers, 1000 more dollars or 2 more hours a day.  Write it down and write out a plan.

So is the problem that you need more or is it something else?  It’s easy to rely on more because we think more will solve all of our problems.  By not knowing what to do with more or whether or not more is the answer what we are really showing is that we aren’t listening to God or relying on the insight of others.  So before you ask for more reexamine your situation and ask, “Is more really the answer?  After all God will give you all that you can handle.
Where are you feeling the pull for more? (ministers, money, students, time)  Please Comment.

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