Meetings That Kill

There are times when I love meeting with people and there are times when I absolutely hate it.  Why the range in emotions?  It’s because I don’t like my time wasted and unfortunately meetings can be a waste of time.  But meetings should be an important part of how you communicate to your ministers.  Unfortunately, there are people who don’t know why they should have them and how to have productive ones.
If your meeting has no purpose it will kill the growth of your ministry and even your professional development.  This is How Meetings Can Kill Your Ministry Growth:

  • They have no purposeSome people have meetings because they feel like they have to have a meeting.  If it’s about checking in with someone send them a text.  A meeting with no purpose is just a waste of time.
  • They are about prideSome people have meetings because they want to surround themselves with people, which makes them look important.  Meetings won’t make you important but they can expose your flaws if you make them about you.  Meetings should never be about you.
  • They are about having control – Some people have meetings because they are afraid that if they don’t see and talk to people then they won’t know what’s going on in their organization.  If you meet with them for control, it’ll become apparent and no one wants a leader who’s looking over their shoulder.

Even though they can kill the growth to our ministry, meetings are still important.  But before you go aimlessly planning one here are a few Questions To Ask To Plan Purposeful Meetings:

  • Can I Fit This In An Email? Sometimes all you need to do to communicate a point or to get a message across is through an email or a even a text.  Before you get people scrambling around in their calendars, consider just sending out an email.  If it turns into an online discussion then move it to the meeting room.
  • How Am I Investing In Them? Before you meet with your leaders think about the investment opportunity you have.  Do you really need to spend the time talking about curriculum or is this an opportunity to know more about the people you trust to advocate for your calling?  If you are going to meet with them turn it into an opportunity to grow with them.
  • What’s The Take Away? Whether you are reviewing curriculum or announcing an initiative you need to give them something they can take away and chew on.  Meetings are supposed to be growth opportunities.  Do this by casting vision, throwing out a challenge and setting goals.

Again, meetings are important but they can also be dangerous if designed poorly.  Know the purpose and make it an investment. What are your views of meetings? Please comment.

How often do you meet with your ministers?