The Right People For Your Ministry

The conversation was just saturated with vision, it was beautiful.  Yesterday I met with this guy who is going to be my college age ministry consultant.  It’s not a paid position, it’s volunteering, he doesn’t live near our church, and currently we do not have a college age ministry.  But that’s okay, why?  Because this guy is the right guy to take on a job like this.  So, how will all this happen?
I Have No Flipping Clue
But that’s okay because sometimes it’s not about creating positions and finding people to fill them.  Instead it’s about finding the right people and creating positions that fit them.  I know that sounds bizzarre but that’s because it is.  Too often we find ourselves saying:
“I need a small group leader.” or “I need a worship leader.”
You have to wonder, “Do I really?”  It’s counter cultural to higher someone just because and then create a position that doesn’t exist for them.  While we do need to create certain positions to serve certain needs; we still need a system for finding the right people.  Even if that means that you do not have a clue what they are supposed to do.  So what makes the right person, the right person?

  • They Bleed Vision – It might not be yours, but it run parallel and inspires you to dig deeper into your own.  The right people have vision and can clearly cast it.  You just need to invest in it.
  • They Ask Questions – The right people for your ministry want to know why and how things work, so they’ll ask questions.  The reason this is important is that it shows the desire to solve problems.  Not only that but they ask questions because they want to find the best solutions even if it means thinking outside the box.
  • They Lead From Below – They buy into your vision and leadership, but not for their own agenda.  Doesn’t matter if they are 40 years older or 4 months younger they submit to authority because they know the best thing for any organization is servant leadership.  I’m not saying they should be roll overs, but they are willing to advocate your risks.

Now that you know who the right people are, what should we do with them?

  • Put Them In Your Biggest Opportunities – Too often we ask our best people to rescue a lost cause. When we do that we are sending them to their own death.  Your best people should be in your biggest and best opportunities because you are setting them and the ministry up for success.
  • Pour Into Them – Maybe it’s giving them a book, concert tickets or sitting down with them over a cup of coffee, whatever it is, just pour into them.  Sometimes the best thing you can give your best people is you.  So get to know them and share life with them.  After all one of the reasons they want to follow your leadership is because you’ve got something worth following.
  • Cut Them Loose – Similar to the first step, but this is more about risks.  Let them cut take risks and then let them fail.  The right people will not only rebound but grow from a failed situation.  And with the growing they’ll have the ability to assess, analyze and set others up for success.

The right people are so valuable.  They are the people who walk up and say, “I want to do more.”  What that is is up to you.  Some of my right people are small group leaders, some help around the office with research, others come to me just wanting to do more to further the kingdom of God.  Every church has them, you just need to identify who they are and give them the freedom to get moving in your ministry.

Who are the right people in your ministry?  How would you describe them?

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