How To Be Selfish

It’s going to be weird, you may not know what to do, but that’s okay.  You might feel self conscience even a little guilty, but again that’s okay.  As youth workers we are so used to pouring ourselves out to others that we rarely take time for ourselves.  We think we do when we plop down in front of the television but in reality we’re just fooling ourselves.
What I’m talking about is “ME TIME”and that might sound like a foreign concept to you but in reality it’s one of the most important things we can do to avoid burn out.  But it’s not about creating margin in the schedule because “Me Time” needs to be:

  • Scheduled (At least once a week)
  • Non-negotiable (Except in cases of an emergency)

Once you commit to those two rules you’ll want to:

  • Remove Noise – Now, I’m not saying you have to find the most quiet, secluded place in your home, but refrain from turning on the television, playing video games or going online.  While those may be ways to wind down, they limit creativity.  Usually we’re worn out from doing and not dreaming, remove the noise, you open the door to creativity.
  • Step Out Of The Ordinary – This is a great time to grow and learn about yourself.  While reading a book may be a good use of “me time” consider trying something new like a cooking recipe or an arts and craft.   It might seem odd at first, but in the end you might discover a secret talent or art.

It’s important not to confuse “me time” with taking a sabbath.  While both work at refreshing and refueling you, “me time” is more of a selfish act.  In order to serve and guide others closer to God we’ll need to be able to do that for ourselves.  It’s easy to feel guilty, so one way to work through the guilt is to have someone hold you accountable.

What does your “me time” look like?