These Ministers You Want To Have

It was a little sad, but I definitely feel at peace.  Today I had a conversation with two awesome ministry leaders (and very close friends) about their transition to a different role.  Nothing bad happened, it’s just that we all discovered that they had worked themselves out of job.  They also discovered that they were no longer called to lead in this capacity; however, wanted to stay involved.  So for the time being, they’ll just hang out with the high school students on Thursdays.
Again this couple is awesome.  You may ask, “What makes them awesome?”

  • It Was Never About Them: The humility they had was contagious.  They were afraid of making their piece of the ministry about them.  They knew how to receive praise, but they never put themselves at the center of their ministry.
  • Nothing Was Too Small: Their tasks went from constructing message series to making copies of questions.  Again, they never complained, in fact they never had to be asked.  They saw a need and took care of it.
  • They Went Beyond Their Roles: Okay, this makes me a little bias but they went out of their way to take care of my family (in a non creepy way).  They even served the church in other capacities outside of student ministry.  For them it was about Christ and his church, not about them.
  • They Respected Leadership: There were times when I was unfair to them, there were times I’m sure they questioned a decision or two, but they also believed in me and supported me.  If I failed they were there to pick me up.

The list could go on but there isn’t enough space.  I’m glad that they are my friends and will remain in ministry(even if it’s not students).  Even though they won’t be leading in the same format as before, I know they will continue to lead people to Christ.
It makes you think about the ministers that you have, do they make it about themselves or do they make it about Christ?  It should make you think about yourself and whether or not your leader or pastor sees you in the same light.  Do they?  Do you have the characteristics listed above?  What other characteristics would you add?

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