Happy Easter: Now Keep Moving

Today we celebrate the resurrection of His Son and the fulfillment of God’s plan.  I’m not sure what your church does, but our church gets crazy.  Thousands of people rush through in what seems like a whirlwind of a day.  As Catholics the party is huge fusing the orthodox and contemporary leaving us wiped on Monday.  But we aren’t tired from one weekend, no we’re tired from an entire season (Lent).  And, it’s important to note that our work isn’t done, we’re transitioning whether it’s summer mode, or just a new season.  Regardless of what happens you don’t want to lose momentum.  So how do you recover from a big season?

  1. Look At All The Wins – Sometimes we are looking for the big win but miss the small ones that move us forward.  There is nothing wrong expecting something big from God, but we become self centered when we neglect the “smaller” ways that He works in our lives.  
  2. Take Advantage Of The Next Day – You are going to be wiped the day after a big event, let alone the last day of a big season.  It might not be burnout, it might be the fact that you were just on an emotional weekend.  Church work is emotional.  Plan for your recovery day.
  3. Revisit The Vision – An intense season can create big change.  Whether it was successful or a disaster you might feel like changing things up.  Before you do revisit your vision and make sure you are still on course.  Sometimes the change is more of a tweak.

Regardless of what you do after a long, emotional season make sure you have a plan.  Even if it’s just giving yourself time off.  Ministry is a marathon (ha like my title) and I want you to keep moving forward with me.  I might not know you but I want to thank you for serving alongside me bringing teens to Christ.  Just remember what you are doing is worth it.

How do you transition from a big season of ministry?