Plan Your Summer Before Everyone Leaves

I don’t know about you but year after year I tell myself the same lie, “You have the whole summer to figure that out.”  I don’t know if it’s due to the fact that the days are longer in the summer but for some reason it just feels as if I have more time to train ministers, plan message series, go on camps, run mission trips and so on.  But let’s face it, summer is just another season and like every season we need to:

PRIORITIZE and ORGANIZE what it is we need to do.  I know some of us break from our regular weekly worship while others of us just tweak our schedules.  Regardless of what you do you need to have a plan.  But before you do that take these few things into consideration:
  • Set Out A Schedule: Even if people are going away, giving them a schedule helps them feel connected while they are gone.  This way ministers can walk in knowing what’s happened even if they weren’t present.
  • Meet Without Purpose: I know this might sound funny coming from me, but what I mean by this is get together with ministers, just to get together.  Don’t do anything but have fellowship with them.  The urge might be to plan, but one of the best things you can do in the summer is cast vision.
  • Read: Pick up a couple of books (or upload them).  Doesn’t matter if they are fiction or not because reading will open the floodgates of creativity.  Summer is a time to dream big and when you can dream big obstacles won’t hold you back.
  • Shut Yourself Off: Seriously, don’t overwork yourself this summer.  In fact don’t stress out if the pace of your ministry slows down.  Recognize summer as a slow season, when even you can take a break.
What do your summers look like?