Having Fun With Ministers

I’m not sure how to take it when someone asks me, “Chris, you look serious.” and I respond, “What I can’t be serious?” and then at that point they laugh at me.  For me to be serious is a little odd, because I like to have fun, especially with my ministers.  In fact having fun with our team is a responsibility that should not be overlooked.  Having fun builds camaraderie, it breaks tension and shows investment especially if you:

  • Show Them What You Find Fun – Sometimes ministry needs to be run like a business, but then it also needs to be a like a family.  Believe it or not your ministers want to get to know you, so why not show them what you think is fun.  For me I love to cook for my team, I need to do it more, but I have fun feeding those that I love.  
  • Do What They Find Fun – This is a great way to invest in someone serving in your ministry.  Find out what they like and do it with them.  You never know you might discover something new.  I love when my ministers introduce me to new music, give me books they enjoyed or invite me on trips that bring them joy.  I once went camping in the Adirondack Mountains with two ministers, it was 20 below zero and it was a blast.
  • Do Something Challenging – Sometimes fun means growing together and accomplishing a feat.  Whether it’s a retreat, or a competitive game, try something together that will help you grow.  When you look back you may realize how rewarding it is to overcome a challenge together.  A few years back I ran and trained for a marathon with one, he smoked me but it was good to see him succeed.

Ministers don’t have to be your best friends, but you do need to give them authentic and real attention.  I know some of us might say, “I can’t do something fun with everyone, there just isn’t enough time” but we need to squash that perspective.  When you can treat them like individuals and not replaceable parts you create a priceless investment.

What fun stuff do you do with your ministers?