What’s The Most Important Part Of Your Job?

It’s one of those weeks where I have a million odd things to do from drafting letters to writing messages.  It can get a little obnoxious because some of the small things can be a distraction from the big ones.  One thing that I’ve mishandled in my own ministry is to try and handle everything on my own.  And every time I attempt, the obvious happens, I fail and burnout.
Not sure if you are like me, but even if you are not there have been times when you have been overwhelmed with tasks.  So how do we avoid those feelings?
Knowing What’s Important To Your Role

To get there you have to ask the questions like:

Where am I absolutely irreplaceable?
This is a very hard question to ask because most of responsibilities you initially come up with can be done by other people.  It’s about look at what your best at, not what you are good at, but what you are best at doing.  Ideally you want a list of 5 responsibilities.  When you take care of the big 5 first, the rest will fall into place.
And after you find out what your top 5 roles are you need to:
Delegate The Rest – Get the small things off your plate so that you can focus on what’s important.
Become An Expert Practice, learn, shadow, do what ever it takes to master those skills.
It can be a little tough to focus on five because we may enjoy doing other tasks and we may fear that our smaller responsibilities will suffer.  But, in the end your ministry won’t grow if you don’t let go and focus.

How do you determine what’s important to your job description?

And if you could only do one thing to make your ministry succeed what would that be?