Simple Steps To Get Through Writer’s Block

If you are like me you have a lot of writing to do, whether it’s a blog post or a message for you ministry, you feel as if you are constantly pounding your fingers to the keyboard.  Again, if you are like me there are days when the words flow from your mind, onto the screen and others when they just come out as gibberish.
I’m not sure what the cure for writer’s block is, but I do know a couple of things that will enhance your writing, for example:

  • Reading – Get inspired by other writers.  What reading does is open our imagination, without pictures we are forced to put ourselves in the scene, from our imagination come new and unique ideas.
  • Go Outside – Whether it’s taking a walk, run or canoeing in the pool, go outside and let God’s creations shake up some ideas.  
  • Engage In Face to Face Conversation – Talk with people, strangers or old friends it doesn’t matter.  There is so much we can learn when we listen to people’s stories.
  • Twitter – My experience is that it’s easier to share ideas on Twitter and receive answers to your questions from a plethora of people.  While polling people may take time, with Twitter you can get instant feedback on an idea or thought.
  • Quiet Time With God – Sometimes we just need to let God speak wisdom into our hearts and minds.  Sometimes the obstacle to our writing is something God needs to remove for us, we just need to let Him in.

Any time we can share our burden by seeking the insight and experience of others will help our writing. While we can get ideas from television and the Internet I find that those mediums will overstimulate instead of inspire.  It’s important to find a proper balance, a way of resting the mind; yet, opening up it’s creative doors. Networking, praying and listening to others will do that, sometimes you just need to give it time.

How do you get through writer’s block?