Why You Should Use Twitter

Yesterday’s post was all about writer’s block and how to bust through it, which in turn sparked a great idea for this post (irony?), “Why we as youth ministers should use Twitter.”  In the post I had mentioned Twitter as a tool to help with writer’s block, but I feel there is a lot more unlocked potential and that this social media medium can help us become better at our trades by using Twitter as:

  • A Networking Tool – Can’t tell you how many youth ministers I’ve now met face to face or over the phone due to Twitter.  Brief 140 character conversations that turn into, “Hey I’m in the area…” or “I’m going to the same conference want to meet up?”  So blessed to have met some many new faces.
  • Feedback – Want to run an idea by people who aren’t afraid to hurt your feelings or give you truth, just use a hash tag (#) and throw it out into the crazy world.
  • Support – Vent, sigh, share a burden and then receive encouragement from the community that surrounds you.
  • An Evangelization Tool – I love reading tweets that praise God on Sundays (or any day).  Love seeing non profits using it as a tool to spread word about their mission.  Love being reminded of inspiration scripture.

Twitter can be a distraction and like any form of technology it’s an accelerator and amplifier of heart and mind.  In the end I think it’s something youth ministers need to learn how to use.  But before we sign on we need to make we’re using it for the good of God.  So before you tweet, check your heart and then type away in 140 characters or less.

So there’s my list of why we should use Twitter, what’s yours? Or maybe you disagree, feel free to share why.  Please comment.

Why Do You Primarily Use Twitter?

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