A Simple But Powerful Way To Thank Your Ministers

A hidden hobby of mine is calligraphy.  It’s one that I haven’t used in a while and while my day to day penmanship doesn’t reflect my skill, it’s something that I enjoy.  Regardless of how I write, I love to write and one thing that gives me great joy is to share that writing on a note thanking a minister or fellow staff member.
Writing a thank you note isn’t the only way to thank someone but it’s a simple; yet, powerful tool because:

  • A Stamp Is Expensive – 44 cents and counting, that’s crazy!  Now I know handing someone 44 cents would seem like a joke, but an email is free a handwritten note is not.  Plus finding 4 dimes and 4 pennies is a little tough.  It might be small but it’s something.
  • It Has More Thought – You have to think out what you are going to write before you write it because a card with whiteout is sloppy.  No one wants to waste a card or piece of paper so you can be sure the words and sentences have been well thought out.
  • It’s Personal – Whether it’s on a clean piece of paper or a store bought card you are thinking about the person as you compose your letter.  Your handwriting, your taste in stationary and choice of ink is unique.  It’s a part of you and you are giving it away.

While it’s great to praise our ministers and fellow staff, when we take the time to write out our thoughts and put the effort for them to receive it in a private and intimate manner it shows them that they are special, unique and important to you.

How do you thank the people that support you?