Where To Look When Review The Last Year

Today we wrap things up for the regular season (Sept – June).  Meaning no more late Sunday and Thursday nights for me, which means a little bit of a break.  Now, that doesn’t mean we shut things down completely, it just means we’ll be doing things slightly different.  But programs will have a little bit of a relaxed feel and during that time we’ll focus on preparing for the fall by Reviewing the Last Year.  This is our system:

  1. We look at what went well.  Where did we succeed, what was strong and what were some of the high lights worth repeating?  If anything you want to make sure you celebrate the year by naming (that means writing them down) where your ministry was strong.
  2. We look at what we learned.  Were there opportunities missed?  What did God reveal about the ministry this year?  Identify the teachable moments (good or bad) and see how they can improve your systems and structures.
  3. We look at what needs to go. What are you doing that you shouldn’t be doing?  Meaning where do you need to slow down?  What’s excessive?  End of a season is a perfect opportunity to examine systems and structures where we can see the areas that over extend us.  
  4. We look at what needs to be addressed.  Was there a culture or environment emerging that is unhealthy?  Is there a trend that we need to get ahead of?  Again end of the season gives us time to look at systems and structures, but this time it’s looking at what’s going outside of your ministry.  It’s looking at what’s happening in the local or greater community and how you plan on addressing it (i.e. bullying, teen suicide).

No matter the questions you ask, in order to review the year successfully you need to gather a team to help you review.  I often look to leadership and then the new crop of ministers (people serving for less than 3 months).  The leadership helps me from a managerial stand point; however, the new ministers give us a fresh perspective.  Either way we plan on getting several minds, thoughts and opinions in addressing how we can make next season the best one ever.

How do you review the year?

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