What I’ve Learned Part 1: I’m Not Alone

In yesterday’s post I shared with you a few of the things that I learned from this past year. Today and for the next few days I want to break that down for you all.
For those of us in ministry we learn quickly that there is a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual toll that working with teenagers puts on us.  With that said, on top of pacing and creating margin in our schedules we need make sure we are constantly building teams.  Over the last year I’ve been blessed by the many ministers who have stepped up and carried me and the ministry.  This is where I saw that happen:

  • When My Focus Was Diverted – When our Children’s Director went on maternity leave I was asked to make sure that her ministers and team functioned smoothly.  This meant that my team had to function with out a fully invested leader, was it an issue? No.  They saw the holes and filled them.
  • When I Was Stretched Thin – There have been moments during the year when I needed someone to assist me with a troubled teen or a big project.  Never once did I have to send out a desperate plea, the attitude was, “Not a problem, I’m there.”  Hearing that makes me feel blessed.

There are many more instances of where I saw ministers step up and many of you might ask, “Well, how did that happen?” or “Why do I feel as if I’m all alone?”  If you take these three steps you will put yourself on the right path to building a ministry team who won’t let you down:

  1. Give Ownership – Want people to follow?  Give them a vision worth following.  Granted God gives us the vision but sometimes we need to sell it and share it with our team.  Vision will motivate, we just need to say it and repeat it.  Make your goal to make your team vision carriers.
  2. Stepping Out Of The Way – The biggest obstacle preventing people from stepping up can be you.  Too many times we stand in the way because we are afraid of losing control.  We need to embrace failure and allow our ministers to embrace it too.  Granted things might not be done your way, but if you’ve given them the proper guidance and freedom it will get done the right way.
  3. Invite and Invest – You can’t expect someone to step up if they aren’t there.  We need to not only invite people into ministry but invest in them as well.  You show them value, they’ll value what it is you do.  You believe in them and they’ll believe in your vision.  It’s not just about delegation, but building trust.

I’m not alone and neither are you.  In fact even if you do not have a single minister, you still have God.  If you have trouble recruiting your team go to your Heavenly Father and ask for guidance and clarity.  Spending time with your ministers, investing in them and getting out of their way is one of the most important things we do as youth ministers.

Where have you seen ministers step up?