3 Steps To Take After The Holiday

Like me some of you are hurting from all the hamburgers, hot dogs and other junk you championed over the weekend…maybe not?  It’s hard to have a long weekend and go back to work, doesn’t matter what your job is because we all have those things we aren’t looking forward to facing come first day back.  Voice mails, emails, paperwork to file and meetings to attend give our guts a queasy feeling (or maybe it was the baked beans).  But going back to work is what we must do and for many of us it might just take a day or two to get back in the groove, but how do we do that without saying to ourselves, “I need another vacation?”  Here are three steps to ease the pain:

  1. Go Back To The Schedule: If you haven’t done this before spend your first day back creating a weekly calendar, it only takes 30 minutes.  When you can refer to a weekly schedule you’ll know how to get back to your regular routine.  Too many times we get back from vacation or a holiday and have no clue where to start, a schedule takes care of that.
  2. Leave Emails and Phone Calls To Midday: You’re relaxed because you came back from vacation; but, opening an email or listening to a voice message from the wrong person can jeopardize your flow.  At the beginning of the day we tend to be more vulnerable, the end of the day we are rushed, block out an hour midday when you can digest the news and discern the correct approach.
  3. Go Home On Time: You might feel like you need to catch up on all the work that seemed to pile up in your absence, but don’t stay late.  If you haven’t gone running in a while, you wouldn’t make a marathon your first run back.  The work isn’t going anywhere and you need to give it the proper time and energy to get it done.  When the closing bell rings, go.

Getting back into the groove can be tough, that’s why you want to control the pace of how you work.  Your first day back is only one step in your entire journey.  Trust in God and take one step at a time.

What makes you anxious about getting back into the office after some vacation?