The Hardest Part Of Your Job

My heart pounds faster, my throat closes up, what feels like an allergic reaction is really anxiety building over the tasks and projects that seem like they’ll never get done.  It fascinates me that with all the plans, systems and structures that I have in place there are still times when I wonder, “Is this possible?”  I can attribute some of the doubt to the reluctance to perform certain tasks (i.e. paperwork), or areas I have a difficult time facing (i.e. event planning); but, it all stems from the absence of one key value.
If I am ever going to succeed in this profession I need to make sure that I strive to:

  • Trust Others – I need to surround myself with people who are going to invest in me and hold me accountable.  These are people I trust to speak truth and encouragement into my life when I’m too blind to embrace it myself.
  • Trust Family – I need to trust the people that love me and that I love.  I need to be able to be transparent and vulnerable so that they can love me when I am broken.
  • Trust Leadership – I might not agree or I might have a different perspective, but I need to trust that they see or know something I don’t.  I need to trust that their decisions are built on the trust they have in the team and in God.
  • Trust God – While trusting others, family and leadership are all good things I need to trust God first and foremost because He has the best in mind for me.

Granted people can break our trust, we can get burned for trusting too much, but if we don’t ultimately trust a lot of things cannot happen.

  • If we don’t trust we can’t lead.  
  • If we don’t trust we can’t move forward.  
  • If we don’t trust we become suspicious, paranoid, resentful and a whole mess of things that will destroy us.  

In order to trust we need to communicate with others, slow down our pace, pray and reflect on our actions.  Without trust there is no team work, community and definitely no Church.  So where and whom do you need to trust today?

What area of your ministry challenges the trust you have in others, family, leadership and/or God?

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