Scary Elephants: Acknowledging what can’t be ignored

It’s the beginning of the week and you are not looking forward to going into work because you know IT awaits you.  Maybe IT’S hidden in that stack of papers or IT’S in that to-do folder in your email or maybe IT’S the blinking light from your telephone, either way you pray that IT goes away.  But, IT doesn’t.
If you are a youth minister there is going to be a time when you have that person or project that causes you anxiety.  IT’S the large elephant in the room, the one you keep putting off and ignoring, and because you are ignoring the elephant it just gets bigger and bigger.  Why?

We fear IT because IT’S:

  • Too Complicated – We fear that we are in over our heads.  You had the confidence to say, “Sure, I’ll handle that (project/person), shouldn’t be so bad.” Then two minutes later you realize you have no clue with what you are doing.
  • Too Personal – It strikes a chord, resurfaces a memory or involves (something/someone) you are very close.  Making a decision could jeopardize the relationship you have.
  • Too Risky – All you can think about is negative consequence.  The heart says, “Let’s do this!” but the mind doesn’t agree.

FEAR can control a lot of our emotions, it can bind us, and create monsters out of small and insignificant details.  So to take on FEAR to take IT on and to chase the elephant out of the room you need to:

  1. Lean In – Go right at it, even if it means falling.  You can’t solve a problem you can’t face.
  2. Rally Support – We are stronger together, get an outside perspective and build accountability.
  3. Rely On God – When God is for us what can really stop us from moving forward?
  4. Be Persistent – Ministry is a marathon, it’s one step at a time, so just keep moving.

Sometimes you have to do all 4, other times it’s just one simple step, and that’s where you need to start with any problem, adventure, encounter or situation.  You need to simple take one step at a time.

How do you overcome your fears?