Read This Post To Enhance Creativity And Then Go Outside

Have you ever sat down at your computer to write out a talk or email and next thing you know an hour has passed by and nothing is on your screen?  It’s like the creativity has stopped and you couldn’t buy an original thought.  I recently heard an interview with Scott Belsky on the Catalyst Podcast that talked about the importance of nurturing creativity.  He suggested that many of us should seek to execute our ideas at the computer, but come up with them away from technology.
I’ve found this to be true with myself and while movies, television and websites can inspire us, here are 5 healthier alternatives to boost your creativity:

  • Outside: Whether it’s just sitting on the back porch or climbing a mountain I find my mind stimulated with the scenery God has put before me.  I make it a habit not to run with music, I try not to turn on the television until the sun is down, it’s all an attempt to take in what He’s put around me.
  • Open A Book: Nothing is more inspirational than story.  While movies and television can tell a story, reading a book encourages creativity.  “What does the character look like, how is the scene playing out, etc?” are all questions that provoke the mind to create.
  • Eat In Silence: Eating with family is key, so don’t mess with that.  What I’m speaking about are the meals (i.e. lunch) where we are tempted to look at the screen.  Instead of browsing just sit there, chew your food, taste the flavors and see what happens.  It seems strange and a little awkward but not only will you enjoy the meal, you’ll find your thoughts racing.
  • Write It Down: Write and jot it down.  Your ideas might seem random at first, but if you are able to revisit them you’ll find a second look can prove fruitful.  Writing out our thoughts allows us to revisit an idea and expand on it later.  Making a mental note means remembering nothing.
  • Find A Sanctuary: Find a place in your house that allows you to escape from the noise.  No television, no laptop, no ipod or iphone, just you.  Maybe it’s a place you go to read, pray or have a conversation with loved ones, but make it a place that’s free from the temptation to get wired.

I am a fan of technology, I think it can enhance our lives and relationships in many ways.  But, if used incorrectly it will kill our creativity.  We need creativity to form vision.  We need creativity to take on the big problems.  We need creativity to communicate the Gospel in an engaging way.  So now that you are done reading this post, leave a comment and turn your computer off.  Go outside and let the creativity flow.

In what ways do you enhance the flow of creativity?