What To Do When Things Have To Change Last Minute

No matter how many times I hit refresh on my browser there was no chance of the forecast improving.  Yesterday, my peers and I had to pull an audible with the 80 students in our work camp.  Thunderstorms forced us to cancel both our service component (working on a farm) and our fun component (swimming at the local quarry).
Needless to say students were bummed.  We never thought about developing a back up plan; however, we were able to rely on one another and our resources to create an indoor service component (make casseroles and hundres of PB&J sandwiches) and find a vendor (local bowling alley) to supply the fun.  In the end, everything worked out.
While there were moments of panic, we were able to get the job done, because we knew we could:

  • Stay Calm: Worst thing to do in a moment of change is lose your cool.  Recognize the emotions, the feelings and accept the change that’s about to take place.  Know that God is with you in every moment and if you rely on Him, He will guide you to take the right steps.
  • Rely On Resources: In times of panic we seem to forget what we already know.  Rely on what you know best, seek out the people you know and don’t worry about being original.  In times of quick changes, be simple and do what you know best.
  • Lean Into It: Don’t run, don’t hide and don’t deny.  It might be tempting to sit in denial, but all you are doing is creating confusion and chaos for those around you.  Leaning into a problem or obstacle, means taking a closer look at what you are facing.  Knowing what you are facing will help you overcome.

Whether it’s a sick volunteer, a broken piece of technology or a rainy day, things are going to happen that our in and out of our control.  It can feel like life is just happening, but don’t ignore the fact that God could be calling you to something bigger and greater.

How do you deal with unexpected change?