Before You Run Into A Storm: Risk Preparation

There is something about extreme weather that stirs a voice deep inside of me that shouts, “Run in it!”  A few years ago I went running in the 3 feet of snow that smacked Baltimore, I ran in Hurricane Isabel back in 03, I’ve done single digit temperatures and yesterday I did an 8 miler right before Irene hit us up.  However, I think I’m losing that fearless edge or maybe I’m getting wiser.  Maybe it’s due to age or the fact that I’m married and have a kid, but I find myself a little more cautious before running into a storm.  I find myself thinking more about the risk.
While it’s important to take risks that lead to gain, it’s almost impossible to really know if our decisions will lead to absolute success or complete and utter failure.  There’s no fool proof way of knowing which risks to take; however, there are some steps we can take before we take them:

  • Pray About It: If it’s an impossible feat, you’ll need the God of the impossible.  Seeking God’s wisdom is actually the smartest thing anyone can do about any decision that they make.  But don’t ask God to have your will be done, ask Him to give you His will.  Because even if His will seems risky it will lead to glory.
  • Note The Consequences: Ask yourself, “Can I handle the consequences?” While you might not be able to recognize all of them you have to know whether or not you will own the outcome or distribute blame.  Taking a risk means taking responsibility, even if you fail people will help you get back up because they appreciate your integrity.
  • Seek Counsel: Ask others to give you insight on the things that YOU WILL overlook.  Ask them for the brutal facts.  If more than one person gives you the same insight (positive or negative) take it into strong consideration.  We aren’t meant to live on alone, so making tough decisions without counsel isn’t wise.

Risk taking is good, it’s what enables us to overcome adversity and opposition.  Following Christ isn’t safe, it means tension, conflict and turmoil.  While taking risks are good, we also want to make sure that we aren’t acting like fools and running into a no win situation.  Take your time, gather intel and never go at it alone.