Overwhelm Them With Gratitude

I’m wiped, but it’s okay because I’m feeling great too.  Kickoff weekend was a blast and as I ride on a plane out to Colorado I think about the incredible highs from the last few days.  Students connected with small group leaders, adults gave student ministry their first go and everything is moving.  It’s weekends like the first one of a season when I’m quickly reminded of the great men and women who step up to make student ministry happen.  If you want to keep your team around for the long haul, make sure you thank them, but be a little creative.  Here are a few suggestions on how to thank your team:

  • Write It Down: I love writing a thank you note and mailing it to ministers that really lived out the vision.  It might not seem like much to you, but it’s a simple; yet, effective way of showing appreciation.
  • Taking Them Out: Go for a cup of coffee, or a bite to eat.  Spending time with your team means you value their time just as much as they value yours.  If they didn’t value your time they wouldn’t spend it serving alongside of you.
  • Give Them A Little Gift: Five dollar gift card, a signed photograph of you, big or small just show them that you are thinking of them.  
  • Shout Out: Maybe it’s through a video on Youtube or at the next meeting; but, be sure to give them praise in public.  When we can lift them up, you can guarantee they’ll continue to step up.

So, I just want to take the time to thank my team, my ministers, the people who make me look so good.  To all the volunteers in ministry I want to say:

 “Thank you, because without you teens aren’t meeting Christ.  You are what keeps the ministry train rolling and without you, the ministry I lead is incomplete…thank you again.”

How do you thank your team?