Who’s Holding You Accountable?

I feel a little embarrassed to admit this but I haven’t always allowed people to edit my messages.  Sometimes it was because I was in a rush, other times I was just done with it and then I thought it didn’t need another look.  I’m embarrassed because each time I skipped the editing process it lead to a poor lesson or message.
It’s a humbling experience to have accountability.  It’s admitting you aren’t in control and that you aren’t alway right.  It’s a pride issue that invades the heart.  It’s a laziness issue that affects productivity.  Accountability is what raises the bar and brings us to a new level.  So, where do we need accountability?

  • In Our Spiritual Life – Whether it’s a fellow youth minister or a spiritual director, you need someone who is going to pray with you and help you discern God’s calling.  You could build a team of men and women or it could be one on one; either way you need others praying for you.
  • In Our Production – As youth ministers we write curriculum, give messages and write emails.  We should always be creating and dreaming; however, we also need someone proof reading, listening and giving us feedback on our production.
  • In Our Relationships – Whether it’s with our pastor or our spouse we need to make sure the relationships we have remain healthy.  Our ministry is all about relationships; however, we can’t show teens how to have a healthy one if ours are suffering.  Being in a small group will help you find that accountability and face the tension that can form in your most important relationships.

We need to surround ourselves with people who will push us to be better, to focus on what’s important and to be connected with God.  The more you find the more secure in your path you will be.

Where do you need accountability?