How to stay…hey…hey…focused!

An interesting question was asked in the comments of last Tuesday’s post “Double Dipping: What would you do?”  The post addressed the issue of teens participating and engaging in multiple ministries.  However, the question in the comments asked about the youth minister double dipping.  The question asked whether or not there are benefits for a youth minister to servie in multiple ministries.  My initial answer is No, because we already have a difficult time focusing on one ministry.  Not sure I can see anyone do more.
Whether you like it or not in youth ministry you become the jack of all trades.  And if you are are like me you suffer from a case of volunteeritis.  Youth ministers want to do more (that’s what makes us great) but is doing more going to lead us to success?  Is it healthy?  NO.
So, How do we stay focused?

  • Track What You Do: When you want to lose weight you track what you eat.  If you want to lose unnecessary tasks, track your days and weeks.  Review, reflect and eliminate the time wasters and things you can delegate.
  • Time It Out: Create schedules for your work day and agendas for your meetings.  Put in margin; but, don’t take it for granted.  If you consistently have extra time or you find yourself going over, note and change it.
  • Slow Down: Either take a vacation or sit away from your desk for lunch.  Sometimes we get too caught up in the daily grind that we lose track of the important tasks on our list.
  • List Goals: Make them clear, tangible and prioritize them.  When you write down a goal you not only constantly remind yourself; but, you are making it real.

I know we want to do more and want to help everyone out, but all that we risk is burnout.  If you don’t say no or think you can do it all, then your only hurting yourself.  Learn to focus and get a team to hold you accountable.  A focused minister has more impact than one that’s spread thin.

Where is it hardest for you to focus?