Build Your Strongest Ministry Team

I was a three season athlete all throughout Middle and High School.  I loved playing sports despite not being excellent at any of them.  What I loved was the art of each sport, but most importantly the team camaraderie.  My most memorable team was my 8th grade rec soccer team.  We were the underdog, we were a group of mismatched misfits and we won it all.  Despite the perception of our opponents we were a strong team, lead by a strong coach.
As youth ministers we need to steer the ship and lead the team, but to do that means:

  • Praying Together – Prayer will bring you closer because it’s putting God at the center of your relationship.  It’s difficult to incorporate team prayer because there is a sense of urgency to get everything started, that’s why you need to put it into the schedule.  Don’t assume it will happen.
  • Sharing Life – You have your own life and own friends; however, don’t be afraid to give your ministers a peek.  Sharing life with your team means being authentic and real.  Let them know you have a family, interests, worries and concerns.
  • Giving Encouragement – How do you thank your ministers?  Do you touch base to check in?  Are you creating a culture of encouragement?  A large part of being a servant leader is picking your team up when they are down.  It’s also about continuing their momentum when things are going well.
  • Setting Vision & Giving Goals – Give them a vision of what ministry looks like by sharing with them the stories that you cherish.  People want to be a part of something great, they want to feel their purpose; vision brings it to them.  Another way to get them to that vision is by setting goals and set them high.  Inspire them.

Yes, as the youth minister you hold the responsibility; but, to carry the entire burden by yourself is dangerous.  If you can bring your team together around authenticity, integrity, vision and God you’ll not only have ministers for life but a team strong enough to take on anything.