How To Address A Problem

When I saw the puddle of water on the floor my heart sank.  It had only been 3 months since I had fixed that shower valves in my bathroom when all of a sudden the leak was back again.  I didn’t think, just went to the store and bought the parts that I replaced previously not thinking that it could be something else.  After realizing it was something new I tried replacing and cleaning parts, I checked the flow of water and even prayed for God to magically fix it.

I called the plumber.

Whenever a problem arises there are three options we can take, but only one that is truly right.  When a problem is discovered some of us:

  1. React: We don’t think about what needs to be done, we just do something.  The mentality is that  inaction is ineffective; however, it can be disastrous.  Reacting without thinking can result in bigger mistakes with large holes.
  2. Run and Hide: It’s not that we are cowards, it’s just that we don’t know what to do with the situation.  Okay, maybe it’s because we fear confrontation, so we hide.  The problem with ignoring an issue is that it never gets addressed and will never go away.  Unlike reacting without thinking hiding from a problem can have a more damaging affect.
  3. Lean In: When you lean into a problem what you’re doing is taking a closer look.  What you do is ask probing questions such as, “What’s the source of the issue?”.  While we want to react to a situation we also need to bide our time, seek wisdom and council.  Leaning in means confronting the issue head on, it means sitting in the tension and persevering to see a solution.  

Leaning into an issue isn’t the most attractive option; however, it slows you down to reflect on the scenario, and examine the best fix.  I know I’ve been guilty of overreacting to a situation only causing more turmoil, and I’ve been guilty of ignoring a problem with the hopes of it going away.  To lean in we need to make sure we surround ourselves with support and remind ourselves that God is right there with us, sitting in the tension.

What’s holding you back from leaning into a problem?