How To Get It Done Without Any Time Left

In college I was a part of an improv comedy troupe called, “Don’t Tell Anna”.  We weren’t an official campus club, but we would perform every couple of months for the students at Xavier University.  It was a fun time; however, there was a lot that I learned that has helped me in my career as a youth minister.
Improv teaches you how to expand on an idea; but, most importantly how to think quickly on your feet.
As a youth minister there are times when life is crazy and work gets overwhelming.  When this happens it feels as if there is a lot to do with not a lot of time.  So what do you do in these predicaments?  How do you get it done without any time left?

  • Remain Calm – If you don’t slow yourself down you’ll not be able to focus on the task at hand.  Even if you can take a minute to breathe and slow down you’ll get started on the right foot.  A cool head will prevail.
  • Write Out Your Plan – Even if you aren’t 100% confident in your plan write it down.  A clear path is easier to follow.  If you have to make adjustments you’ll know where because you’ll be able to see where.  Another benefit from writing down your plan is being able to track your progress.
  • Seek Assistance – There is no shame in receiving assistance, because together we are stronger.  If you are in a bind having others will bring a new perspective and wisdom that you wouldn’t have had on your own.  

The best way to avoid last minute situations is to constantly work on your schedule and build in margin.  But again, life happens, work gets a little crazy and next thing you know your in over your head.  With a cool head, plan on paper and friends on your side you should be able to tackle any situation.

How do you keep a cool head in tough situations?