How You Start Your Day Is Just As Important As How You Finish

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Everyday before I leave I try to clean my office, organize my files and place on my desk what I need to do first thing in the morning.  For me there is nothing more important than how you start off your day.  I’m a firm believer that breakfast is your most important meal, that there is a right side of the bed to get out of and what you do first thing will set the mood and pace for the rest of your day.

How you start is just as important as you how you finish.  If you just go in and bust through the day great; however, if you have a pace even better.  Sometimes we underestimate the small thing that can either trip us up or set us straight.  Some of those small things are:

  • Arriving On Time: I know a lot of youth ministries that don’t have a set start and stop time.  If your church chooses not to have one that’s fine, in fact that will work to your benefit.  However, it’s still important to have a start time.  What that allows you to do is get into the office when you are going to be the most productive.  If you come in too early you’ll find yourself procrastinating because you are still a blur.  If you come in later than you should you’ll rush and lose valuable prep time.  Set a time and show up for it.
  • Checking Your Messages: Opening up your messages first thing in the morning could ruin your day.  Whether it’s voicemail or email, each message is filled with some type of emotion.  In the morning we are still vulnerable because we haven’t put things into perspective.  Opening up an email that comes off confrontational is just going to stick in your mind the rest of the day.  You can check your messages in the morning, just don’t make it the first thing you do.
  • A Good Breakfast: I know, I sound like your mother; however, if you have an empty stomach you physically have less energy and you need that to think, produce and thrive.  If you want to get really specific read a health magazine for the right amount of carbs and protein; however, I suggest just filling your stomach.
  • Prayer: You think as church workers this would be natural.  Even if it’s a 2 minute devotional we can’t forget about starting out our day without the guidance of God.  If you aren’t doing it, find someone to hold you accountable, or mark it down.  If you aren’t praying before each work day ask yourself, “Why?” If you can’t answer that you’ll find your day can only go so far.

Again, how you start your day is just as important as how you finish.  Are you just stumbling into the office or do you have a plan?  When we can identify our morning habits, we can identify the good ones that will accelerate us into a great day and avoid the bad ones that will just stop us dead in our tracks.

What positive and negative habits do you have in the beginning of your day?