4 Signs Of A Healthy Team

Courtesy of Dreamstime.com

This past Saturday was rough, I was looking forward to the Crosstown Shootout, where my alma mater Xavier University takes on the University of Cincinnati.  The game was ugly, and not because of any on the court performance, but because of a brawl that occurred with 9 seconds left.  As an alum I am embarrassed.  After the game a few of the players claimed that they were a united front, defending and fighting for their teammates.  It just didn’t sound right and that’s because they weren’t a team, they weren’t even close.
Once in a while I’ll find myself sitting back and watching the youth ministry run itself.  It’s amazing to see the ministers take control, run with plan and perform at a high level.  These type of moments happen when your ministers act like a team.  A team moves forward and plays at a high level, a team also:

  1. Communicates Well On The Fly: If a minister is sick or an activity is running long you have to make a move and sometimes it involves moving many pieces.  A team that works well together can roll with the punches because people are comfortable hearing the word, “No” and they understand change is inevitable.  (Here is a post on why communication breaks down)
  2. Builds One Another Up: Mistakes will be made no matter how much you clearly communicate and lead.  When someone is having a rough day, week or season the team is there to rally around that person and pour into them.  When someone wins and accomplishes a feat, the team is there to build them up.  If you want a great team practice celebrating wins. (Check out how wins will affect your ministry, click here)
  3. Holds One Another Accountable: A team is welling to speak truth, even if it’s addressed to the leader.  Sometimes brutal facts need to be faced and if you ignore them they can be the demise to your ministry.  A good team will know how to address each situation, search for a solution and move the team forward.  To promote accountability give your team permission in person.
  4. Has The Right Players In The Right Places: Sometimes we just need warm bodies in our ministry.  And if you want to go on a recruiting spree that’s fine; however, make sure you figure out where to put the right people.  A team is not just people, but people who fulfill the right roles.  To get the right people in the right roles make sure you pray, discern their gifts and examine their heart.

A team that is healthy won’t self destruct when met with adversity, instead it will grow stronger.  How the team functions depends on the players; however, it will also rise and fall on leadership.  Invest in the team and show authenticity as a leader and you’ll have them performing at a higher level each time. (To read more about the type of people you want on your team, click here)

What other characteristics define a healthy team?