What Does Your Sunday Look Like?

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When you walk into your church on Sunday you:

  • Create Recruiting Opportunities: People who are not yet serving are walking into your church every weekend.  Granted not everyone is meant for youth ministry; however, that shouldn’t stop you from asking.  We can’t always wait for potential ministers to approach us.
  • Set An Example: This is when your teens see you worshipping and serving on the weekend.  While you don’t want to be superficial, you do want to make sure that you are coming with a clean slate.  Are you walking in with a chip on your shoulder?  How are you interacting with others? Do they see someone they are proud of or inspired by?
  • Build Environments: When people walk into your ministry are they walking into an irresistible environment?  How you greet the teens and how the place you meet appears will set a mood like it or not.  If you can keep your environments welcoming and pristine you create an impression that is memorable.
  • Connect People To Christ: For some this will be the first time they receive God’s word…how hard are you going to make it for them?  Is what you do worth their time?  Many times we take for granted that people in the church are automatically connecting to Christ; however, if what we do isn’t quality, consistent and God honoring then forget it.
Sunday’s are pretty important, it’s not just another work day.  As youth ministers it’s a day where a lot of energy, patience and focus is needed.  If you feel exhausted, it’s normal, it’s called a spiritual hangover.  Make sure that as your day ends you find a time to recharge, so that Monday isn’t wasted…it’s pretty important too.
What else happens on your Sunday?