Get Stronger With Your Weaknesses

In my second year of ministry I had a parent call me out.  They were justified in what they said because I was acting bull headed.  I was trying to speak for them and tell them how their parenting was off, and they told me I had no authority because I had no idea what it meant to be a parent.  I justified my stance; however, I was wrong and made myself foolish.  The motive behind my actions was because I was trying to be right, I didn’t want to be wrong.  I believed that when you are wrong, you are weak and no one wants a weak leader.

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Chances are you are afraid to look weak.  Maybe not to everyone; however, it could be a group of teens, parents or even your peers in ministry.  And, who can blame you?  Looking weak means you aren’t worth following, right?

I think you know the answer, the problem is you have trouble embracing the truth.  When you admit your weaknesses in reality you:
Express A Strength: Knowing your weaknesses means you know when and where you are limited.  It’s admitting, “I can’t do it all; but, that’s okay.”  When you know your limits, it’s like knowing your environment.  When you are familiar with your weaknesses you begin to discover your strengths.  The question becomes, “How do I grow stronger, in my limits?”
It starts with:

  1. Identify The Weaknesses: Name them, write them down and then pray over them.  It’s one thing to admit you are weak, it’s another to identify exactly where that is.  Knowing your limits means knowing how much energy you’ll use in specific areas.  It will also show others authenticity and humility.
  2. Delegation:  Once you’ve identified your weaknesses, it’s time to build a team to make them stronger.  In ministry we should be looking for leaders that will increase our capacity.  These individuals will posses gifts and talents we might find unattractive.  I have ministers who love spreadsheets, I don’t even like thinking about them; but, it’s okay because of them I don’t have to.
  3. Narrowing Your Strengths: You might be multi-talented…good for you, now give it up.  Just because you can do everything doesn’t mean you should.  Sometimes are weaknesses are caused by things in our control.  These can be most dangerous because they are caused by pride and selfishness.  What you want to do is pick the 3 or 5 responsibilities that you are not only best at doing; but, will take the ministry and your team to a whole new level.  One task that was difficult for me to give up and delegate was planning the games for our middle school program.  As much as I enjoy I know the majority of my energy needs to be focused on the message, ministers and parent’s communication.

If you feel weak, it means it is time for you to stop, reflect and examine your day to day actions.  Feeling weak is God telling you to reevaluate your intentions and goals.  Being wrong doesn’t mean you are weak, it just means you are misinformed.  If we embrace our weaknesses we can actually look strong because it shows we have no fear for what we might face.

How do you turn weaknesses into strengths?

Who is your super hero?