Start Your Week Unemployed

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Imagine, waking up only to discover that you are unemployed.  For some of you it might be haunting experience, a one filled with doom, worry and high anxiety.  But, then there are those of you who would embrace the situation, and look ahead to what is next.  Unemployment is a scary situation; however, it puts us in a situation where we are forced to act or react.  You either become a:

  • Go Getter, where you go out and meet people, search for opportunities and face the risk of hearing, “No”

Or, you become:

  • The Lethargic, where you wait for others to come to you, hope that something falls in your lap and play it safe.

We all know that the Go Getter is persistent, maintains hope and works to better them self.  We know that the Go Getter will network, think outside of the box and do what it takes to make sure his gifts and talents aren’t wasted.
The Lethargic on the other hand, dig’s them self a hole.  The Lethargic wonders, “Why me?” without following up with “This is what I’m going to do about it”  It’s hard to work with the Lethargic because instead of focusing on the next step, they are stuck in the past, worried about tomorrow; yet, not living in the moment. (Matthew 6:25-34)
So if you were unemployed would you be the:

Go Getter or The Lethargic?

Weird question to answer for those of you who are employed, right?  You have a job and you have work to do, so why the question?  It’s because every day you are faced with opportunities that can lead you closer to life change and closer to a vision.  The problem is you lack a sense of urgency, The Lethargic just lets life happen, but the Go Getter has:

  • A Firm Identity: If you know your strengths and your weaknesses, you’ll know how to approach each opportunity.  With a firm identity you play to your strengths, when something is out of your comfort zone you delegate and seek accountability.
  • A Clear Vision: When the vision is clear, it should excite you.  A clear vision is like a big dream that should excite you and motivate you.  When you are unemployed, the vision is to find a job that will support you (and your family), and bring you purpose.  A vision in your current job is the explanation to why you do what you do.

So, you walk into your office and turn on your computer, begin your day unemployed.  Embrace that sense of urgency, define who you are and focus on where God wants to take you.  There’s no telling where that might be.

What else does a Go Getter have?

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  • erg says:

    Chris the problem for the lethargic is we very often self identify with our work instead of our gifts. So the lethargic person is facing an identity crisis on top of their unemployment crisis. This can lead to a quick onset of depression that can take a long time for them to resolve. What was one solvable incident is now three large problems for the lethargic unless they have a very good support team.