Create Your Clearest Vision

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If I needed directions to Time Square in New York City from Baltimore you could probably give me at least half a dozen ways of getting there.  Some more direct than others, some costing more due to tolls and then others with a little more scenery.  Despite how you tell me to get there, how would I know that I’ve arrived?  Yes, I could read the signs, but once I get over that bridge how could I be sure?
You would tell me to look for the broadway signs,  the Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum and the Renaissance New York Times Square Hotel.  You would describe the smells and the honking cars.  You would say, “You’ll know you are there because it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen.”  
While most of us know what Times Square looks like, when it comes to the destination we want to reach in our youth ministry we might need a better picture.  Many of us say we have a vision; however, we’ll say it once, write it down and then expect people to embrace it.  If your vision is blurry and mundane no one will ever reach it.  If you want a vision that’s clear and worth following you need to:

  • Make It Concrete – A vision that is concrete doesn’t necessarily mean it’s short, it just means it’s clear.  There are going to be people who have no idea what your ministry entails, your vision should clear that up.  Vision is a destination with a description that gives the clearest picture.
  • Give It Emotion – If your vision statement said: “A Place Where Teens Learn About Jesus.” change it.  You might wonder what’s wrong, and the answer is simple, “Why should I care?” Now, as a Christian I care because I understand the importance of learning about Jesus; however, if I have no clue who Jesus is, then why should I care?  If you are about engaging teenagers who have little to no relationship with Christ, then you need to give them a compelling reason to why one is paramount.
  • Make Sure It Sticks – If you can’t remember it, you’ll never embrace it.  To make something stick you need to repeat it.  You need to repeat it and then repeat it; however, do it with a little creativity.  If you repeat your vision, incorporate in your lingo and teaching it will stick.  Repeat it.
If ministry is a marathon, than the vision is the finish line.  The way you get people there is by giving them a clear, and attractive picture.  Take the time to paint that picture, make it beautiful and don’t be afraid to share it.
What’s your vision look like?

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