What You Can Look Forward To At SYMC

I’m not liking the weather report for Friday in Louisville, KY.  It says severe storms and I’m not sure what that means for my flight from Baltimore.  I know I shouldn’t worry and just leave it in God’s hands but I’m excited like a little kid waiting to go to Disney World.  I’m sure if you are heading out to the Simply Youth Ministry Conference or if you have been before you know how I’m feeling.  The excitement starts with:

  • Flooding Facebook and Twitter, looking to see who’s going.
  • Double checking your car rental, flight and hotel room.
  • Obsessing over what you are going to do when you arrive.

Preparing to attend a conference can also be stressful especially if this is your first one.  You might not know anyone there, you might not know how it works and that can be intimidating.  As someone who has been in your position before let me just say:


When you walk into this conference you can expect to be:

  • Loved And Welcomed – This is a youth ministry conference put on by youth ministers.  Veteran or new to youth ministry it doesn’t matter who you are and what your background you are here for a reason.  So often we tell our teens that, but how often do we hear that for ourselves?  When you walk in you will be greeted at the door, walking into sessions and connecting with others.  Just don’t hide in your hotel room.
  • Challenged Yet Refreshed – With great speakers such as Craig Gross, Francis Chan, Jon Acuff and the list goes on, how can you not feel refueled and convicted.  Your mind will spin with ideas and the wisdom poured into you will bring clarity.  Take notes; however, take the time to listen.  Go with an opened mind and leave with a filled heart.
  • Connected And Resourced – As I mentioned you’ll have a slew of ministers welcoming you at the door; however, it’s also an opportunity to exchange information and build a network that will cheer you on and move you forward.  On top of the support from fellow youth workers, be prepared to have at your finger tips great resources from Group Publishing, Simply Youth Ministry, Leader Treks and YM360.  Walk up to the booth, share ideas and walk away wiser.

Is Simply Youth Ministry Conference the only one out there?  No, but it’s one that you’ll enjoy and again I encourage you to walk in with an open mind and heart.  Be sure to check back this weekend because I’ll be blogging and sharing my thoughts and insights.

If attending SYMC what are you looking forward to experiencing?