Stuff To Do On A Plane (That’s Legal)

Photo Credit: / Creative Commons License

It’s early, I said good bye to my family and the moment this is published I should be on my way to pick up my team and head to the airport.  If you are regular reader you know I’ll be in Louisville, KY this weekend attending the Simply Youth Ministry Conference and, I’m looking forward to it.  Another thing some of you may notice is that I’m posting on a Friday, which isn’t typical.  The reason for this change is because I wanted to share with you all what I’m going to be learning and experiencing at the conference.  What will I learn?  I have no clue; but, we’ll find out soon enough.
And I have plenty of time to reflect on this question while I sit on my two hour flight from Baltimore to Louisville.  It’s a relatively quick flight; however, there is plenty of time to get stuff done, to have fun and enjoy it.  For example the:
Productive Stuff – This is your chance to do the things you wish you could do; however, are always interrupted.  Be productive by:

  • Reorganizing Your File System
  • Finish Up That Paper/Project/Talk
  • Sleep (Because you probably don’t get enough.)

Growing Stuff – You can learn a lot flying on a plane and not just what to do if the oxygen masks are deployed.  When you are flying take time to:

  • Read That Book (Or at least start it
  • Get To Know A Fellow Flier (If they are willing)
  • Set Goals, Mission And Vision (Let your thoughts go wild)

Fun Stuff – And then there are those of us who need a break from growing and producing, instead we want flights to be fun; therefore, we can:

  • Antagonize the little kid in front of you. (Do this at the end of the flight, it won’t backfire as much)
  • See how many times you can use the restroom before someone says something.
  • Barter as many bags of pretzels/nuts as possible and build your stash.
  • Tell a stranger that you are flying over your home town and see how they react.
  • Dare the person next to you to lick the window glass. (You might want to give them a dollar for their efforts)
  • Drink tons of water before the flight and see how long you can hold it.

I’m not going to tell you how to ride your flight, but take into advisement that these suggestions have made me the person I am today.  In all seriousness if you are flying in the near future have a safe and enjoyable flight.

What would you add to the Productive, Growing and/or Fun Stuff lists?