Being Attacked #SYMC

Courtesy of Rainshift –
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John 10:10 – A thief comes to steal, kill and destroy, I have come that they may have life and have it to the fullest.

It’s interesting how quickly we forget that a life in ministry is a life in battle.  How easily we put the blame on parents, teens and pastors when a lot of it should go to Satan.  This morning’s message from Craig Gross of got me thinking of all the scenarios where unnecessary blame was distributed.

  • You blame a parent for giving you a hard time.
  • You blame your pastor for singling you out.
  • You blame your teens for not showing up to program.

I’m not saying we as humans are free from blame, but sometimes that’s all we blame.  And all these situations could be true, the parent could be out to get you.  The pastor could be focusing on your mishaps and the teen could care less.  But, what if it was something else, something different…something more?

  • What if the parent was giving you a hard time because they were scared?
  • What if there was hidden resentment that created a fog of communication between you and your pastor?
  • What if your teen can’t show up because there is no one to take them and they can’t think of someone who can?

Satan is going to attack you so that you feel beaten, bruised and pulled.  He is going to make sure your life and ministry is all about you, all about the numbers, all about the teens, all about the church, and all about the job so you forget it’s really about God.
The closer we get to God, the stronger Satan is going to fight.  To fight back we need to make sure we are:

  1. Slowing Down Situations Of Conflict: When tension arises, take a step back and slow down.  Look at possible scenarios and ask God for guidance.
  2. Bouncing Ideas Off Of Others: Find people you can share the situation with who will in response give you guidance.  This is not someone who will agree with you.  This is someone who will make sure you lean into God and take the proper steps.
  3. Equip And Prepare: Craig Gross shared the story of when his house was robbed and how he worked to build a security against future thefts.  Before, during and after an attack we need to equip ourselves with scripture, find accountability and sit in prayer, even if the tension is thick.

We are being attacked in unique and specific ways.  The question isn’t, “Who’s fault is this?” That will only lead to frustration.  Just remember you are in spiritual battle, but on the side that’s won.  Just embrace your leader, your Heavenly Father.

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