How To Dream Big

Courtesy of edkohler/Creative Commons LIcenses

In college I found a really huge jar and started to collect coins.  Every time I had change, I dropped it into the jar.  I didn’t have any agenda to collecting the coins, I just added it to the jar, day by day, week by week until several years later I noticed that the jar was full.  I took it to the supermarket, dumped it into one of those coin machines and to my surprise I had a few hundred dollars. 

Many times as leaders we are told to DREAM BIG but we’re really not sure how to get the big one.  We believe that big dreams just happen, that some of us are dreamers and the rest of us are doers; but, that’s a lie.  Dreaming big isn’t some strike of luck, it isn’t something that only a few of us are gifted with, dreaming big is all about:


If you want to get those creative juices flowing and move on to something big, then you need to learn that dreaming big doesn’t always happen at the snap of the fingers.  Dreaming big can be (and most times is), the culmination of many different thoughts, ideas and dreams that grow over time.  So if you want to DREAM BIG, then start by: 
  1. Capturing Thoughts – I try to have some type of recording device with me at all times.  Whether it’s a pen or my computer, if an idea comes into my head I write it down.  I’m not always sure what I’m going to use it for; however, I make sure it’s tangibly available to revisit.  It’s the old adage, “If you don’t write it down, you’ll forget it.”  After a while you’ll want to revisit them.  Sometimes a thought will come into your head; however, it’s too early to develop.  Just get it down.  
  2. Building Capacity – Many times we can’t dream at all because we’ve got too much on our minds or too much on our plates.  You can’t fit an idea into an head that is already full; therefore, what you need to do is eliminate any unnecessary noise.  A few suggestions is to cut back on the channel and web surfing.  Go for a walk without the head phones.  Eat lunch by yourself and away from your desk.  These actions might feel odd; however, just wait, the thoughts will come rushing into your mind.
  3. Resting – A tired mind doesn’t think, all it does is tell your body that you are tired.  When your energy is spent don’t expect your mind to shoot out awesome ideas.  That’s why it’s important for you to get good sleep, eat right and exercise.  If you aren’t feeling well, you aren’t going to produce much of anything.
Yes, big ideas can come to you instantly; however, there are times we need to cultivate them ourselves. For more on this subject I would highly recommend Scott Belsky’s book Making Ideas Happen.  It’s a book about creating a system for capturing your ideas and producing them into amazing things.  But, even if you don’t pick up the book, remember to right down every thought and to be a little patient.
How do you Dream Big?