Why You Need Another Vacation

Courtesy of Zach Klein/Creative Commons License 

Even after an 8 hour drive I feel refreshed.  I’m back from my vacation in Maine and for the first time in  a long time I’m not thinking, “I need another vacation.”  Don’t get me wrong I wanted my week at the beach to go forever.  With the low priced lobstah ($3.99/pound), peaceful ocean sounds and time with family, I was having a ball.  But, in the end it was time to go and it’s good to be back home.
Maybe you get a lot of vacation and maybe you hardly get any, it’s all so precious.  You look forward to it each year, you carefully budget, and plan the perfect getaway.  It’s finally time, you head to your destination, you blink, it’s over and now it’s time to go home.  You wish you had taken more time off; however, maybe that’s not the problem.  When it comes to vacation it isn’t about how much time you get, it’s how you use it that matters.
Does this happen to you?  As a youth minister you want the break and you deserve it; however, each year you find yourself thinking, “I need another vacation!”  It’s probably because you did not:

  • Fast From Technology: This is a challenge; however, the more you practice technology fasts, the more you’ll find it rewarding.  When you disconnect from the world you connect to some bigger (And sometimes unexpected) moments.  Make sure you tell people around you that you’ll be disconnecting and how they can contact you in case of an emergency.
  • Loosen Up The Schedule: If your vacation’s purpose is to rest and relax you are better off planning a stay-cation than booking a destination.  Too often we plan too much because we are afraid to be still and think.  While miniature golf and going out to eat are enjoyable moments during your vacation, if you do too much you’ll ware yourself out.
  • Maintain Boundaries:  I know I’m going to sound like Debbie Downer here; however, if you cut loose and throw away the boundaries you’ll regret it in the end.  Staying up late, eating junk food and going crazy might be a good time; however, it’s not going to help you recuperate from the grind of work.   

Margin is the key to a successful vacation and the more you plan and protect the more you will benefit when it’s time to go back to work.  It’s not bad to cut loose, plan fun activities and share them on Facebook, just don’t expect to feel refreshed like you originally wanted.  Do what fills you, focus on what God has planned for you and allow yourself to truly rest.

What makes a successful vacation?  What vacation blunders have you made?