Two Of My Goals For The Upcoming Year

Last week I was away on vacation, which meant a break from blogging.  During my time away I had the opportunity to reflect on Marathon Youth Ministry.  6 years and 999 posts ago, I started this blog with no idea of what I was doing.  The original purpose was to have a place where I would update parents on what was happening in the middle school youth ministry.  Now, it has turned into a journey about what I’ve learned over the last 8 years in student ministry.
Blogging isn’t an easy commitment, it takes time, persistence and perseverance.  It’s been a blessing and a curse.  It’s consumed me and allowed me to express my thoughts.  I have met so many wonderful youth ministers, received inspiration and been able to release the turmoil that sometimes streams through my head because of this blog.  And, now as I compose this 1000th post, I wanted to share with two goals of mine in the upcoming year.  They are:

  1. To Write A Book: I’m in the process of writing Marathon Youth Ministry the book.  It’s nothing mind altering, just a quick read that shares what, why and how I do what I do.  Some of the content is from this blog and some of it will be fresh.  My goal is to have it out by the Spring, so I hope you keep me accountable.  I’m hoping this book is a field guide for those looking to start, or restart a youth ministry in their church.
  2. To Share More Than Just Thoughts: While I have no plans of turning this blog into a resource website, I do want to do more than just blog.  As mentioned before I’m writing a book and on top of that I plan on working with some friends on resources for their websites.  I’m hoping to be more available to speak, and collaborate with my peers in ministry.  As a youth ministry veteran I want to serve you.

I’m sharing with you these two goals because I want YOUR ACCOUNTABILITY.  One of the keys to reaching your goals is by:


That means putting it out there, talking about them and not holding them within.  If you have goals I hope you take the risk to put them out there.  If you fail, no worries just keep moving forward.  I might talk about my two goals s a little more in the future and if I don’t please feel free to ask me about it.

The purpose of Marathon Youth Ministry is to equip, encourage and educate youth ministers to serve for the long haul.  Just as you get through a marathon one step at a time, the key to successful ministry is to take it one day at a time.

If you are looking for guidance, assistance, or just someone to listen to you, I encourage you to reach out.  Thank you to everyone who has poured into me and shaped this forum.

What goals do you have for the upcoming year?