Don’t Labor On This Day

Courtesy of  Sh4rp_i/Creative Commons License

Here’s a repost from Labor Day last year.  Thought I would take a break, after you read this you should too:

Chances are you’ve done work on your day off.  Shame on you…shame on me, cause I’m guilty of it.  If you have to do it once or twice it’s not a big deal; however, it seems like for many of us it’s never just once or twice.  Whether it’s labor day or just because, taking a day off will help you grow.  It will refresh you, give you focus and clear your mind.  It will do all those things, only if you take your day off correctly.

Here are three common mistakes people make on their day off:

  1. Do Work – You might be going into a day off with a lot on your plate; but, whatever you do, make sure it isn’t work.  A day off is an opportunity to take a step back, work will just consume and stress you out.  Doesn’t matter if you love your job, you need a break.
  2. Watch Television – Movie/television show marathons are okay, if you make them a social event; however, don’t have it take up the whole day.  While watching television and surfing the web can be entertaining, take the opportunity to do something different.
  3. Under Sleep (and Over Eat) – I know with a day off you think, “Great, I don’t have to get up so early.”; but, what we do instead of getting the extra sleep is stay up too late.  We overeat at barbecues and instead of refueling and resting ourselves we strain ourselves physically.  I’m not saying don’t have fun, I’m saying don’t be stupid.

I’ve made too many mistakes with my days off.  I’ve gone back into the office more tired than I’ve left.  I know the push back is “What will one day really do for us?” and the answer is more than you think.  For those of us who are in it for the long haul, we need to pace ourselves and make sure that we take advantage of every opportunity that will keep us in the race.
How do you enjoy your day off?