How To Effectively Delegate

I remember hitting a point in ministry where I felt like I couldn’t extend myself any further.  Numbers in the ministry were dipping, the quality of program was suffering and I was feeling exhausted.  One problem was that I was doing too much on my own.  The other problem was that I was underutilizing key leaders hungry to take on more challenges.  Finally, after some prayer and deep struggle I began to hand over control.  Since then the ministry has exploded and grown stronger.

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In order for your ministry to grow you need to be able to increase your reach.  The best way to build margin is by delegating responsibility and leadership to people on your ministry team.  It will lift certain burdens off your shoulders and give you the ability to do more.  It’s something we all know that  we should do; however, how to do it is another question.  To effectively delegate you need to:

  • Scout Before You Ask – While your choices might be limited you can’t just delegate to anyone.  You need people you trust and who trust you back.  Before you ask someone to take on a task make sure you get to know them.  The more familiar you are with your leaders the easier it will be to critique and lead them.
  • Give Clear Instruction – So many times we want people to lead; however, we do not know how to ask them.  Start by knowing what you want them to do and finish by laying out your expectations.  The more specific you can be with your instructions the easier it will be for them to follow. 
  • Willingness To Release Control – You know you need help, you ask people for help; however, you sabotage their efforts by taking too much control.  Delegation means allowing your team to fail a little bit.  It also means allowing them to make decisions you wouldn’t necessarily agree with.  It takes a little sacrifice; however, in the end it’s worth it when other people take the reigns.
  • Assess Their Progress – After you delegate be sure to sit down and evaluate.  You don’t have to evaluate after every situation, just make sure you give them the heads up.  By evaluating their progress you will be able to correct mistakes, affirm their actions and build a stronger leader.

If you delegate correctly you will see your margin grow.  With more margin you will have more time to focus on what’s important.  You have worthwhile leaders in your church, don’t be afraid to go after them.  The more you delegate the better you will get at doing it.

What are some of your fears when it comes to delegating? 

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