How To Diffuse Your Worries

Courtesy of  Roberto Bouza/Creative Commons License

While I’m away this week I can’t help but think, “Did I drop the ball on anything?” It’s a small worry because I know my team at home is in control.  It’s just a question that seems to pop up from time to time, especially in certain situations.

When it comes to youth ministry many of you pour your heart into all that you serve and do.  Whether it’s the teens, their parents or your own ministers you desperately want them to succeed.   However, it doesn’t always seem like we have control over the situation.

As a result you spend many sleepless nights, or you end up micromanaging those you have left in charge.  While having concern and compassion can be healthy, if it leads to worry we are heading down the wrong road.  While worrying is a natural tendency, it’s something we need to diffuse.  To do so you need to:

  • Build Your Trust In Others: Trust comes from clear and consistent communication.  If you don’t openly and authentically talk with one another than there becomes a void.  If the situation isn’t communicated then suspicion can fill that void.  Trust is built by talking with others openly and honestly.
  • Embrace Failure: Don’t be afraid to mess up because it happens to everyone.  No one is perfect, and mistakes will happen.  While you worry about whether things will go right, what we need to consider is that God might have a different plan.  Embracing failure means embracing the fact that you aren’t in control.  Embrace the failure by taking a step back and letting it move without you.
  • Give It To God: You teach your teens that God knows every detail; yet, you still worry about all the “small stuff” in your life.  You lose worry when you trust God; however, you can only trust Him by giving Him glory, love and also your burdens.  When worry comes into your life diffuse it by counting your blessings.

Worry is inevitable; however, how you respond to it is important. If worry isn’t diffused it will eat you and I alive.  Make sure you invest in others and hand it over to a higher power. When you can diffuse your worry you can focus on how to move forward.

How do you diffuse worry?