The Right Questions To Ask

Courtesy of Must Be Art/Creative Commons License

How are things going in your ministry?  When was the last time you took an honest look to see whether or not you are living out your vision?  It’s a scary question to answer because it might mean seeing places where you are struggling and failing.  The fear of discovering of what’s really going on prevents us from even asking that question.  But, it’s an important one to answer.  Even if you have never really asked that question, chances are you already know how you are doing.  And while your gut instincts are probably true, you still need to make sure it’s being asked.

One of the best ways to get an idea on how you and your ministry are truly doing is by asking other people for their thoughts.  When most of us gear up to aks that question we go straight to our veterans; however, you will learn so much more if you ask the new ones instead.  To get the freshest and best perspective you need to ask your new volunteers; however, you need to make sure it’s with the right questions.  Here are four you have to ask them:  

  1. What Was Their First Impression? First impressions will impact whether someone comes back and that’s important because sometimes all you have is one shot.  This can give you insight on what draws potential volunteers, parents and even teens to your ministry.  
  2. What Confuses Them The Most? The longer you do ministry the easier it is for you to take certain things for granted.  What you think is clear may be the most confusing thing to others.  Discovering what doesn’t make sense to them will help you see what you need to clarify.  
  3. What Concerns Them? There might be a problem you’ve brushed off because it seems minor.  A fresh perspective will force you to take an honest look and determine whether or not it needs your immediate attention.  Their fresh perspective might save you from overlooking a potential problem.  
  4. What Excites Them Them Most? You might need to be reminded why you are in youth ministry.  Listening to people who are on fire for introducing teens to Christ can be the motivation you need to get through a hard season.  Knowing what excites them will help you look at where you are succeeding and where you are strong.  
While sending out these questions in an email will help probably the best way to deliver them is in a round table discussion.  If you are afraid of altering their answers because of your presence ask a trust veteran to mediate.  It is important to ask your veterans and most trusted friends; however, with a fresh perspective you can guarantee that you’ll learn something new.
What Other Questions Would You Ask A New Volunteer To Gain Insight On Your Ministry?