Rebuilding Confirmation


Confirmation preparation is an opportunity for committed teenagers to take the next step in their relationship with Christ. By having an effective youth ministry, you create an on and off ramp for teenagers going through the preparation process. In this book you’ll find:

  • Practical Problem Solving

  • How To Build Your Team

  • Creating NEXT Steps For Your Teens

  • Measuring Your Progress


Chris Wesley delivers a clear and practical vision of how our parishes can move from Confirmation as graduation to the sacrament as a purposeful piece of the full and life-long call to discipleship. This book is immediately applicable to everyone who wants to change the culture of sacramental preparation and watch the Holy Spirit work.

Craig Gould, Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry, Archdiocese of BaltimoreImmediately Applicable!

I trust Chris Wesley's vision because he is in the trenches of ministry every day.I encourage anyone, whether veteran or rookie, to pick upRebuilding Confirmation and incorporate its wisdom into your own program. You will not be disappointed by what you find, and your parish will greatly benefit!

Katie Prejean McGrady, Freshman theology teacher and author of Room 24Vision From The Trenches

Rebuilding Youth Ministry


While I have over 12 years of youth ministry under my belt, I know there is much still so much I have to learn.  With that said, I also feel like there is so much I need to share. In this book you’ll find:

  • How To Build Vision

  • Tips On Facing Failure

  • Ways To Live Out Your Mission

  • My Personal Story In Ministry


When the local Church sets priorities, youth ministry nearly always rises to the top. But the solution we seem to land on generally results in a whirlwind of activities with no clear direction, offered in a dingy room, put on by someone who is too often burned out within a year and looking for 'a real job.' Youth ministry done this way is rarely taken seriously because, let's face it, it's rarely successful. Christopher Wesley offers refreshing clarity in the midst of this craziness. In a word, he offers great vision for a ministry the Church so often gets wrong, but really can't afford to.

Chris Stefanick, Founder and president of Real Life CatholicGreat Vision For Youth Ministry

What I love about Chris Wesley is that this book isn't simply theory--he knows what he's doing and he has shared his simple and practical tools to help us build a dynamic and more effective youth ministry for our churches. This book is a gift!

Doug Fields, Author of Purpose Driven Youth MinistryPractical Tools - Not Just Theory

Chris Wesley has put together an inspiring, affirming, challenging, and encouraging book that is a must-read for anyone involved in youth ministry. Chris's love for both youth and youth workers oozes from the pages of this great book.

Clayton Imoo, Director, Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry, Archdiocese of VancouverInspiring, Affirming, & Encouraging