Who’s it for?

MYM Coaching is perfect for anyone involved in ministry who wants to improve their skills & effectiveness in ministry. We’ll look at everything from professional development to intentional programming.

What’s the commitment?

There are several options from one-time sessions to reoccurring meetings. All of this is discussed during the Free Consultation.

What do I get out of it?

Someone to walk with you on the journey who's been through it all and is still on the journey myself. Resources for personal development and exercises to use with your volunteer teams

I reached out to Chris Wesley for coaching because I was experiencing 'ministry burnout'. Over a course of 4 sessions, I was able to build more margin into my schedule which renewed my energy going into my 6th year of ministry work. Thank you Chris!

Klarissa Chichioco,Youth & Young Adult Ministry Coordinator Saved me from burnout

I felt at a loss for how to build a YM program that would work with all the eccentricities of my parish. When I heard Chris speak at a conference I liked the vision of his ministry and the clear steps that got him to success.

Youth Worker Better Vision for the Program & Next Steps